Botanical  Lampshades


WildWood Dreams creates unique botanical lampshades.  The shades are built from scratch from heat resistant styrene.  The scenes are meticulously carved out of handmade papers  and laid into a scene with plants that have been personally gathered, pressed and dried.  A beautiful sheet of mulberry tissue is is molded into the scene with an eco-friendly, but durable finish.   

!!!NEW!!!  Botanical Night Lights Below!!!

I believe I have only touched the surface of what can be done in this medium but some of the designs I have available are shown here.  I offer some standard sizes but any design can be matched to any size shade and priced accordingly.  

Custom sized shades are welcome and can be built for a nominal fee.  If you  have some special plants of your own I can also incorporate them into a design of your choice.

Call 208-435-4446 for inquiries or orders. 

MasterCard or Visa, and PayPal accepted!

Lone Moose

This Moose towers over his surroundings. Wild mosses are molded into the scene at his feet with ferns simulating pine trees.

Moose in Marsh

Three moose lumber among the marshes of moss and boughs from real cedar trees.


This mama grizzly is strolling among sorrel bushes with her 3 playful babies near the mountains where they live. Real river birch bark lie under their feet.

Steelhead Salmon

This giant steelhead resides below us in the Clearwater River. He's leaping for the fly in his majestic glory.

Mule Deer

This 5 point mule deer is watching you from the brush.

Bison Herd

Bison roam and graze the grasslands below the mountains.

Bison Skull Head

This bison skull, carved from river birch bark and adorned with wild turkey feathers, is captured by a lariat with the spurs of the daring cowboy below. His unseen boots are at its sides.

Flowers with Dragonfly

There are only 2 available like this with the limited availability of these dainty flowers. The dragonfly hovering above is crafted from plant material. They come with a candle bulb clip and measure 3" top x 10" bottom x 7" high. - SOLD

Wild Horse Herd

These wild horses are heading right for your heart and home! Lokta papers make up the pintos with mulberry and bark on the others. Mountains loom in the background from bark with mosses and ferns for vegetation.

Wild Horses

Wild Horses chase each other while the leader of the herd stands tall.

Moonlit Moose, Elk and Mountains

Moose and Elk, symbolic of the high country, tower over in the moonlit night.

Glowing Moonlit Moose, Elk and Mountains

Banana paper has been added as an undercoat to create a wonderful glow as the elk and moose bulgle and graze in the moonlit night.

High Mountain Desert Scene

A hawk lands on the juniper tree among moss sagebrush and birch bark mountains.

Tibetan Yaks

These yaks look just like our Mr. Bull, Mama and little Timba. Check out our other website, , for more Yak information and a special shipping offer.

Fly Fishing

About to land that Big catch with a real fly!!! amid real ferns, grasses and moss!

Bugling Elk

A majestic elk, hidden in the grasses and brush, bugling for his mate.

Wild Rose and Hummingbird

Wild roses surround this hummingbird with it's sweet nectar.

Only 1 more available til summer of 2009 at 4"t x 16"b x 10"h

Indian Paintbrush

Real Indian Paintbrush and red sorrel will light your home beautifully!

Butterfly Flower Shade

This lampshade has been sold but I have enough flowers to make one more very similar. Butterfly wings from wildflower petals hovering over glacier lilies with little wild orchids and bordered by lupine petals.


Howling Wolves

Wolves towering above and howling at the moon setting on majestic mountains. Trees surround them and will look glorious under your lit light. (Aspen lamp available for $75)

"In God We Trust" Eagle

This is a one -of-a-kind shade of a majestic eagle carved from a variety of imported handmade papers to create the shading and effect. Comes only in 5"top x 12" high x 21" bottom


Bugling Elk Sculpture

Sculptured from a variety of imported papers add depth and realism to this elk, surrounded by plants from his native habitat here in Idaho.

Wild Flower Shade

Wildflowers abound in this field with a butterfly made of petals enjoys this wonderful setting.

  • 3" top x 7" high x 10" bottom - $49
  • 4" top x 8" high x 12" bottom - $55
  • 4" top x 10" high x 16" bottom - $85
  • 4" top x 12" high x 16" bottom - $95
  • 5" top x 12" high x 19" bottom - $120
  • 7" top x 13" high x 21" bottom - $145

Botanical  Night Lights - $22


Moose w/Banana paper

Wild Horses

Big Buck

Lone Moose


Bison Skull

Bronc Cowboy

Roping Cowboy







Sea Otter


Bugling Elk

Howling Wolf

Wild Turkey

This was a custom order, but is now offered as a special, and limited product. Authentic wild turkey feathers are fanned out as he struts. Autual feathers adorn his wings. Real grasses from locally here in Idaho surround him.

Yak Mama and baby

A Yak Mama hovers over her baby, exactly like OURS do. Bark and ferns for brush surround them.