Log Furniture

We have sold nearly all of our creations but have headed back to the shop to create anew!

And........Custom requests are always welcome!


Currently Available Furnishings

Gnarly Aspen/Pine Root Rocking Chair - SOLD!

Relax and dream in this gnarly rocking chair that will conform to your entire body. It was painstakenly handcrafted with pine roots on the back, and gnarly aspen for the frame. These woods are characteristic of the high country of Colorado. $525

Blue Pine Table

This unique table was crafted from an exceptional blued pine root as the base, found by our wonderful logging rancher neighbor, Glen. It has a wonderful slab of blued pine top that also exhibits the red tones of Colorado beetle kill. 27" high. $350

Driftwood Floor Lamp - SOLD!

This floor lamp originated above Dworshak Dam at Dent Bridge around Orofino, Idaho. It had to be hanging off the cliffs of the North Fork of the Clearwater River that eventually washed away. The roots hang high and it flows from the wind and force of nature that eventually pushed it to it's end, and, NOW, a new beginning!!!

$425 - SOLD

Bristlecone Pine Root Floor Lamp - SOLD!

This ancient Bristlecone Root from the high country of Colorado stands elegantly on its own for a totally unique lighting experience. $495



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